Herb Garden Kits a Fast, Easy, and Foolproof Way to Jump into Herb Gardening

Almost everyone has experienced walking through a gardening area and seeing the herb garden kits. Being an avid herb gardener I am always drawn to them. Most gardeners both new and experienced take a peek as its always fun to see if they may have something new in them. 

Herb garden kits, whether ready made found at store or ones you put together, make great gifts throughout the year!  You can still make your own kit to use or give even if you’ve never used one.  Take a look at what the ready-made kits contain and use it as a starting point. Let’s discuss the ready-made kits first.

Herb garden kits take the guesswork out of growing herbs for the gardener that hasn’t grown herbs before.  When, making the decision to try growing herbs several questions come to mind just like writing a story, what, where, when, and how. Using an herb garden kit answers these questions:

  • Which herbs can be started with seeds?
  • What kind of soil should be used?
  • What are the watering requirements?
  • Where should I start them?
  • When can I start them?
  • How warm does it need to be?

The herb gardening kits answer all of these questions plus they have the ease of convenience.

The dilemma that pops up is which kit to use as there are so many different selections.  This will be a matter of personal preference depending upon your requirements or use.  There is a vast selection of herb garden kits and they can be categorized into the following:

  • Culinary herbs
  • German herbs
  • Herbal tea herbs 
  • International herbs
  • Italian herbs
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Salsa herbs
  • Different catnip herbs 
  • Many, many more

 The herb kits will contain different herbs otherwise they basically all contain similar items:

  • Herb seeds
  • Planter with Plastic cover or dome, which provides a consistent temperature and humidity for the herb plants to thrive and grow a healthy root system.
  • Peat pellets or pots with soil to plant the seeds in. Some may have the seeds already planted in them.
  • An easy to follow guide with the steps to ensure success with your herbs.
  • Recipes or directions on how to harvest and use your herbs.
  • Newsletters to sign up for that contain other useful information, suggestions, and tips.

 There are many benefits for growing herbs indoors using an indoor garden kit. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t get any easier than growing herbs in a kit and your herbs are right there when you want to use them. Another plus is that they are nice and clean, no insect or slug bites, droppings, or soil washs on them like when they are outside.  You are able to visually keep an eye on them without running out to the garden, which enables you to harvest and freeze or dry them at the optimum time.  This also means the growing conditions remain stable and you don’t have to worry about winterizing your herb plants. As a rule herb garden kits are usually small and compact which makes them perfect for small spaces or apartments. These kits make growing herbs almost fail-safe; follow the directions and your success with growing these herbs in almost guaranteed. 

Ok, you’ve decided you can’t find just the right herb gardening kit and want to make your own, no problem. You can use a variety of different containers to start with like the plastic containers found in the produce section of the grocery store that are deep and have a lid on them, or use a Styrofoam container or bowl with a large plastic cover over them such as a plastic dome found at the grocery store. Do put a few holes in the bottom or a few pebbles for drainage.

If giving as a gift, make a kit with peat pellets, herb seeds, container to hold the peat pellets, and you may want to include a set of mini gardening tools made for indoor gardening, as well as recipes.

As a beginner who wants to grow herbs, using an herb garden kit is a great way to start and learn. Being a successful herb gardener has a learning curve and does take some work, however using herb gardening kits gives you what you need to grow your herbs, greatly reducing the learning curve, and putting you on the path to becoming an herb gardening expert!

For more information please sign up for our free mini-course on growing herbs and check out our recommended reading.

Growing herbs in herb gardening kits is rewarding. Have fun with it and be creative!

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